By Tania Walker, 2021

Updated by Eric and Shirley, 2022


Introduction: “What type of story is this?”

This is an additional reference to help guide you when creating genre tags for stories.

We want our GENREs to help a user learn about the story "type" in one glance. This could be anything from

We want our Genres to be somewhat specific: Urban Fantasy (sort of under Fantasy) and Murder Mystery (under Mystery) “Science Fiction” is useful. “Hard Science Fiction” is even more useful. Combinations of genres, like “Fantasy” and “Historical Fiction” are useful.

Feel free to be more creative with the genres you use to label your stories! Don’t worry if you’re using a new genre label or if you’re being too specific. Our system can map genres to parent genres so “Queer Sci Fi” gets mapped to “Queer Fiction” and “Science Fiction.”

If you’re looking for genre Inspo, browse through our list of existing genres already generated by our readers.

Some Tips

Things to remember about genre classifications: